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Raised in the midwestern United States, Terry Grant was fed a steady diet of R&B and soul music by his parents, the result of which was a healthy appetite for all things rhythmic and funky. At age 15 he picked up a guitar, and that was pretty much it – life was over. No more “grow up, go to college, get a real job”… all that mattered then was the beat and the melody.

A few short years later, Terry moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. He ended up falling in with a rough crowd of DJs and club kids, and it was through these new friends that he discovered the world of house music. Life was, once again, over.

In 2005, Terry released his debut single “I’ll Kill You” on Bedrock Records. The EP featured remixes by Luke Chable & John Debo, and was one of the most successful progressive tracks of the year. He would go on to release a steady stream of successful records and remixes on labels such as Deep, Bedrock, Nettwerk, and Baroque.

Recently, Terry has made a definite shift in terms of sound – moving away somewhat from the dark and brooding melody that defined his early work, to a more soulful tech house oriented sound. The result is new partnerships with the labels Night Drive Music & Neurotraxx Deluxe, both of which will be releasing new music by Terry in the upcoming months.

Aside from production and DJing, Terry keeps busy as a session musician, having played guitar on several cuts from the first record by Morgan Page, including the grammy nominated song “The Longest Road”. This successful collaboration led to Terry playing all the guitar on Morgan’s second record “Believe”, as well as his newest one, which will be released this spring. Terry has also been gaining popularity as a vocalist, writing and collaborating with Aki Bergen, Pezzner, MSMS, and Scope, with several records slated for release in the new year.

A strong desire to push the limits of what he is capable of as a producer and a dj will keep Terry moving forward into the future, experimenting with sound, and practicing the disciplines of funk, melody, and rhythm.


Original releases:

I’ll Kill You [Bedrock] 2005
Be My Guide [Deep] 2005
Komputers Are The Devil [Bedrock] 2006
Beautiful Dirty [Fiberline] 2007
The Tie That Binds [Baroque] 2008
Indie Rock [Baroque] 2009
Sexy Girl [System] 2009
Songful Bird [System] 2009
Chinese Laundry [Baroque] 2009
I Never Sleep/Kimchi [Neurotraxx] 2010
Tarareando (w/Aki Bergen & Pezzner) [Neurotraxx] 2010
A Moth On The Window Pane [Night Drive Music] 2011
Better Living With Robots/Lux Carousel [Neurotraxx] 2011
Music For Discares/Drunken Master Style [Night Drive Music] 2011


Out Of Area (Terrance Grant Remix) – Blue Room Project [Blueprint] 2005
Focal Point Blur (Terrance Grant Remix) – Darkarma [Blueprint] 2005
All Your Love (Terry Grant Sex Vox Mix) – Sojorn [PGA Music] 2007
Smash It (Terry Grant Remix) – Logiztik Sounds [Outside The Box Music] 2008
The Longest Road (Terry Grant Dub & Vocal Mixes) – Morgan Page [Nettwerk] 2008
Knock Out (Terry Grant Remix) – Solips [Omnis] 2010
Did I Know (Terry Grant Remix) – Keen Snake [Nightshade Music] 2010
Tarareando (Terry Grant Dub Mix) – Aki Bergen, Pezzner, Terry Grant [Neurotraxx] 2011