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Latest Live Set / Radio Mix by Edmund


Native of San Sebastian, in the province of Guipuzcoa, and with more than ten years of career, this dj and producer is defined to himself as a lover of real HOUSE Music sound, especially for the Deep, Funky, Soulful House styles. From his beginnings he could delight to the most demanding ears , but he was after standing out with his tracks and remixes as producer in multitude of record labels, when he was recognized nacional and internationally.

In all these years Edmund has been resident dj of different clubs and venues as Rockstar, Privee, Go-Jam, and simultaneously that has permorfed in other Spanish provinces (Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza ..) even visited american and european cities like Miami @ WMC, Amsterdam, Groningen, Vienna, or Krakovia..

At the beginning of 2004 is when Edmund decides to turn over the world of the musical production and up today already are more than 80 references with eps and remixes in labels of all over the world, even collaborating with artists as Joey Youngman, Jay West, Tommy Largo, Kirby, Funktransplant, Park Street, Nassau, Soul Cola, Ray Paxon, Evren Ulusoy, Seb Skalski, Pablo Fierro, Soul Minority, Nacho Marco ..

Nowadays its normal to see Edmund in collaboration with musicians of different countries, which has led him to realizing works together with singers so recognized like Rachel Claudio, Natasha Watts, Kaysee, Karina K. Crystal, Mavis Acquah, Soulfeenix, Sheilah Cuffy.. or saxophonists as Rubén Morán During all these years effort on work has been what has led Edmund to being remixed by several of the most wanted names in the international scene, to publishing in labels of recognized prestige in different countries and continents as I Recordings, Clubstar, Daddy Funk, Loco Records, Salted Music, Seamless, or Onethirty.. and take part of compilations like Hotel Pacha Ibiza, Clubstar Winter Compilation, Clubs Of the World o Fashion House by Henri Kohn beetwen other..

And … Now, having different alias to produce different House styles (Soul Factory, Virtual Funk, Deep Dive) with several eps and remixes coming on record labels of different countries, and having ready a complete album full of Disco, Jazz, Deep, and Funk influences, called “When It Flows” signed on Kevin Yost imprint “I Records” is possibly in one of the best moments of his career..


Released Tracks:

Edmund-Fusion Of Sounds EP (Grab Recordings, USA)
Edmund-Deepfeel (Huron Recordings, SP)
Edmund – Jazz flavour EP (Connected Musik 001, SP)
Edmund feat. Peru–Enjoy the midnight EP (Connected Musik 002, SP)
Edmund – A weekend in the moon EP (Connected Musik 003, SP)
Edmund feat. Peru – Sweet memories EP (Connected Musik 004 SP)
Edmund – Good Morning EP (Pe!Music 005, Austria)
Edmund – Bailo por dentro EP (Connected Musik 006, SP)
Connected Musik Sampler Vol.1 (Connected Musik 007, SP)
Virtual Funk – We like to Funk EP (Connected Musik 008, SP)
Deep Dive – Cocktail EP (Road House Digital Studio 001, SP)
Virtual Funk – Magic Affair EP (Road House Digital Studio 002, SP)
Virtual Funk – Keep on rollin (Kolour Digital, USA)
Virtual Funk – Its too funky (PeMusic 008, Austria)
Edmund – Walking to the Show (OneThirty Recordings, USA)
Edmund – Electric Groove EP (3AM Recordings, UK)
Edmund – Slap You Body (Gourmand Music Recordings, Francia)
Soul Harmonics & Rachel Claudio – These Times EP (Jaffa Music 007, Francia
Kolour Remixed EP (Kolour Digital Recordings) USA
Edmund – Smooth Jazz EP (Road House Digital Studio 004, SP)
V/A – The Jaffa Music EP (Jaffa Music, Francia)
Edmund – Friend Like Brother EP (Connected Musik) SP
Edmund – Diamond EP (Conya Records) Alemania
Secret Paradise – Boots Vol. 1 (Road House Digital Studio)
Edmund – So Fine EP (Mimosa Recordings) USA
Edmund – Sandust In My Head EP (Mimosa Recordings) USA
Edmund – Music Lover EP (Road House Digital Studio) SP
Edmund – Glamour Obsession EP (Dutchie Music) USA
Edmund – Best Night Ever EP (Deep Class Records) Argentina
Edmund – Hold On To My Love EP (Grouper Music) USA
Edmund – Look Around EP (Clean House Music, USA)
Edmund – Dancing Shoes EP (All House Music, USA)
Edmund – Inside Of My Mind EP (Dutchie Music)
Edmund – You Got The Love (Deep Class Records, Argentina)
Edmund – Forbidden Fruit EP Low Flow White (Armenia)
Edmund – Full Of Funk EP ( Phobic Recordings) UK
Edmund ft Sacha Dflame – Big Time (I Recordings, USA)
Edmund ft Mavis Acquah – Step Into The Light (Raisani) UAE
Edmund ft Natasha Watts – Fantasy (Daddy Funk45) UK
Soul Factory aka Edmund – Freak On (Look Ahead Records)
Edmund ft Sacha D´Flame – Big Time (I Records) USA
Edmund ft Sacha D´Flame – Love Da Records (I Records, USA)

Natasza and Oscarsixx – One day (Pe!Music 001R, Austria)
Da Funk – Devotion EP (Acryl Music 018, Suiza)
Javas – Frogs in the box (PeMusic 004, Austria)
Charlie Hotel – Circus Life EP (Breakfast Recordings 005, USA)
Natasza & Oscarsix – Our nightlife EP (3am Recordings, UK)
Martin Haberland – Funky Situation EP (PeMusic 007, Austria)
Emil Lane – Rhythmic Foundation EP (One Thirty Records USA)
Da Funk – Catch the wave (Acryl Remixes Vol.1, Suiza)
DJ Electric feat Simone De Nauw – Sunline EP (Clubstar, Alemania)
Pulaski Park – The Good Life (Mimosa Recordings, USA)
Alex Douche – Rainy Season (Deepology Digital)
QJumper – You Know That Is True (Adultempo Specialist, Bulgaria)
Sebastian Davidson – California Soup (Deepology Digital, Rusia)
Unus Enre – Make Me Feel (Clean House Music, USA)
QJumper – Deep Motive (Adultempo Specialist, Bulgaria)
Nicola and Sasha – Electric Funk (Onethirty Recordings) USA
Gianluca Pighi ft Robert Owens – Black Man (Conya Records) Alemania
Gilbert Le Funk, Dj Bee feat Kaysee – If (La Musique Fantastique) SP
James Blesoe – Tell U Something (Get Away Recordings, USA)
Dave Miller – Because Of You (Clean House Music,USA)
Pulaski Park – Temple St Grooves (BoothTrax) USA
The Sound Diggers – The Jig (Deep II Disco Records) UK
Distant People ft Chappell – Love Of Sounds (Seamless Recordings) UK
Park Street ft Kaysee – Dont Wanna Let You Go (Look At You Recordings) UK
Scope – Luz De Sol (Dutchie Music) USA
Jay West – Power To Create (Blockhead Recordings) USA
Kirby – Disco Socks (Tight Recordings)
Juan Di Lago & Jul Rico – Soul Girl (United Music Records) Francia
Masiak – The Book (Gropuer Music, USA)
Natasza and Oscarsix – Three Seconds (Union Recordings) UK
Matthijs Wentink – Listen to me (NightBird Music) Holanda
Dubsativa – Exploring Heaven (Mimosa Recordings) USA
DJ Lazz – Cos You Know (Blue Iguana Music, USA)
J&M Brothers – Way To Funk (Grouper Music) USA
Chuck Love – Minneapolis Coming At Ya (Onethirty Recordings) USA
Neil Hodgson – Dont Hold Back (Gotta Keep Faith) Italia
Alankara – Higher Love (Gotta Keep Faith Records) Italia
Yamil Colucci – Art Of Tones (Dutchie Music) USA
Javi Lopez ft Ingrid Hackanson – You Got Me (Perception Music) SP
Jm Bros & Vicmoren – Release (Perception Music) SP
Angel Rize – Hold It Now (Soul Factory Remix) Grouper Recordings
J&M Brothers – Dada Deep (Soul Factory Remix) Candy Music
Tadeo – Story On Blue (Soul Factory Remix) Cray1 Labworks
Ugur Soygur – Timer (Dark Pleasure Records)
Red Box Lounge ft Estala Martin – Sweet Love (So Sound) USA
Mowz – Grooveman (Gotta Keep Faith Records) Italia
Fer Ferrari – A Piece Of Me (Deep Class Records) ARG
Valentin Huedo – Alone (Soul Factory Remix) EHM, Ibiza
Dj Bee – Fever (Bedroom Musik) USA
Marco Soundee – Summer Rain (Perception Music)
Mastercris – Got Pride (Grouper Music)
Evren Ulusoy – Deep Is the New Shit
Lettuce Be Cereal (Grouper Music)
Jowe X – Cloudy (Extremly House Music) SP
Roberto Palmero – Is Feeling Real Good (Adult Music) SP
Matt Flores – My Circular Orbit (Loudeast Records) SP
Craig Stewart – Voyage (Disclosure Project) UK
Krummstoff – Time Restore (Dutchie) USA
Alex Kentucky & Javi Viana – Tributo a Miguel Garji (Cassarecio) IT
Berny – Schplatten (Keep It Real) SP
Kindimmer – Revenue (Alma Soul Music) SP
Stratoliner – Uncover (Stratospherik) SP
JM Brothers & Vicmoren – Release (Perception Music) SP