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Latest Live Set / Radio Mix by Kosmas Epsilon


Kosmas Epsilon from Greece, is considered to be one of the most talented & consistent producers of the last decade. After having his remix of FC Kahuna’s “Hayling” included in Holden’s Balance 005 compilation, things turned out being a lot easier for Kosmas to showcase his productions and Djing skills. His tracks have gained great support and are being played by renowned Dj’s such as Sasha (earlier this year he claimed to be one of his biggest fans!), John Digweed, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, James Holden, Hernan Cattaneo, Desyn Masiello, Pete Tong & even Tiesto to name but a few…

“Kosmas Epsilon has been one of the pioneers of the fantastic set of progressive producers coming out of Greece, with a collection of very impressive tracks in his discography. He is a highly adept producer, whether working on his own material or remixing for someone else. Kosmas is an artist that needs to be heard and has been for many years. His talent is much more than just progressive styled music. He is always seemingly miles head of his native peers. Kosmas Epsilon´s tracks have been busting into the greatest DJ boxes around the world, with Sasha, Nick Warren and James Holden all counted as fans. Never settling down and getting comfortable into one sound, Kosmas captures the essence of many genres. From breaks to house to techno to ambient, his productions are rich in quality with loads of atmosphere and sounds to fall into, as well as thick basslines and punchy drums with a kick.” PROGRESSIVE-SOUNDS

“I’m a big fan of your music” SASHA

“Kosmas got atmosphere & groove & originality. This style I’m hearing in Kosmas’ tunes now incorporates many things i like, sexy, funky, techy, spacey, summoning up things from the past, but in a new unexpected way, especially with the arrangement. It’s fresh and the dancefloor really responds to these subtle ways he build the tracks” DESYN MASIELLO

There’s this guy from Greece, who’s making this music that’s among the best that I’ve heard all year. It’s very musical, it’s quite sort of breaky, quite electroy but it’s like this cascading sound and this stuff is really really exciting.” NICK WARREN

Kosmas released some amazing tracks the last years to labels such as:
Global Underground, Rennaissance, Platipus, Audiotherapy, EQ, Skint/Loaded, Intec, Alternative Route, Armada, Deep, Precinct, Plastik Park, Groovecollection, Epsilon Trax, Silver Planet, Tribal Vision, Escada, Blackout 77, Outside The Box, Proton Music, Dyami, Abducted, Elevation, Sick Watona, Tolerant, Only & many more…

In 2004 he won the title of the best new Greek Dj, something that increased the number of gigs where he has been asked to play. Now, Kosmas Epsilon is djing all over Greece and he’s a usual suspect in the greatest dj booths of Russia, Belarus, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and there’s even more to come.

It was until 2006 that he started his own radio show on Proton Radio, one of the best internet-based radio stations, representing electronic music at its finest. His show ‘Personal’ is aired every 1st Thursday of the month ‘On Demand’, including 2 hours of music, 1 by himself and 1 more from djs & producers that he admires & respects. Guests have been Dave Seaman, Guy Gerber, Desyn Masiello, Demi, King Unique, Elias Tzikas & many many more.

In the summer of 2006, Kosmas has also released his first mix compilation for the legendary Platipus Records, alongside Luke Chable. The cd got some great reviews by the media worldwide, and from the fellow bigname djs also.

2007 has been a year of reading, learning new techniques, trying to make innovations to his sound. And this kept the fans excited, due to the huge amount of tracks and remixes that were released the next months.

As we land in year 2008, we had the beginning of Kosmas’ own label, Epsilon Trax! And what an amazing start.. each and every release is getting the support of the biggest djs worldwide.


Cd releases:

CD: V/A – Addicted – Mixed by Kosmas Epsilon & Luke Chable – Platipus


Kosmas Epsilon – Innocent Thoughts (with Stel mix) – Heavy Rotation/Planetworks
Kosmas Epsilon – Architech e.p. – Precinct
Kosmas Epsilon – Feed Me Acid/Shame? – Eq Grey
Kosmas Epsilon – All Is Heaven (2x) e.p. – Deep
Kosmas Epsilon – The Underexposed Track/Bitter – Deep
Kosmas Epsilon – Hollow Rue (with BCML mix) – Hatch Music
Kosmas Epsilon – Ill Ssa (with V-Sag mix) – Audiotherapy
Kosmas Epsilon – Monster Puppy – Audiotherapy
Kosmas Epsilon – Neverending/I Trance You – Hypemuzik
Kosmas Epsilon – Beyond/Stardust – Hypemuzik
Kosmas Epsilon – Sorry For Being Rude – Global Underground
Kosmas Epsilon & Can Costa pres. Can Kosmas – Che Malakita (with Dnox&Beckers, Fat Phaze, Diego Noble & Blendbrank mixes) – Proton Music
Kosmas Epsilon – Paranoid (with Elias Tzikas, Eelke Kleijn, Elias Kazais & Tekhead mixes) – Groove Collection Black
Kosmas Epsilon – Lovesong – Plastik Park
Kosmas Epsilon – Titans (with Elias Tzikas, Stel & Distant Fragment mixes) – Epsilon Trax
Kosmas Epsilon – Soho (with Somnus Corp & Danny Alpha mixes) – Soho Music Movement
Kosmas Epsilon – Cubabe (with Eelke Kleijn, Chris Niteshake & Logiztik Sounds mixes) – Epsilon Trax
Kosmas Epsilon – Speechnuts (with Squash 84 mix) – Only
Kosmas Epsilon & Duskie.J – Beautiful – Sick Watona
Kosmas Epsilon & Somnus Corporation – Buenos Tiempos (with Audionova/Electrobios mix) – Groove Collection Black
Kosmas Epsilon – Cookies (with Max Cagliero mix) – BEBR
Kosmas Epsilon – Uni (with George Delkos mix) – Epsilon Trax
Kosmas Epsilon & Somnus Corp – Metal Bronco (with George Delkos & No Brainer mixes) – Dyami
Kosmas Epsilon & Somnus Corp – Got Soul (with Derek Howell mix) – Mynt
Kosmas Epsilon & Evans T – 8 Hours (with No Brainer, Cid Inc/Luke Porter mixes) – Dyami
Kosmas Epsilon & Arara – Soulsick – Candyflip
Kosmas Epsilon – Lukumi – Epsilon Trax
Kosmas Epsilon – Cyclon/La Cuenta – Deep
Kosmas Epsilon – Cochinita – Epsilon Trax


The Beloved – Sweet Harmony (Kosmas Epsilon & Zorz Northern People mix) – White
FC Kahuna – Hayling (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Skint
Viton & Stel – Wooden Swordz (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Audiotherapy/Planetworks 
Stef Vrolijk & 16bit Lolitas – Rebounce Indicator (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Alternative Route
Darkarma – Exit Body Map (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Lobotomy
Math Leutwyler & Suzuki – Contended Gastronome (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Secret Planet
Habersham & Jake Todd – Nevermore (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Babylon
Vsag & Andrew K – Fossil (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Pure Substance
Dnox & Beckers – One Shot (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Slik’t
James Holden – Come To Me – Loaded
Heatsteric – Boiling Point (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Outside The Box
David Bordalas – No Duermas Mas (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Blackout 77
Nikola Gala – Close 2 You (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Escada Music
Roman Rai – Shinkanzen (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Tribal Vision
Squash 84 – Pleasure Yacht (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Only
Derek Howell – Spare Time (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Groove Collection Black
Brisker & Magitman – Modern Love (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Echoplast
Steve Mill – Wipe Out (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Elevation
Medway & Sven Hauck – Heliopause (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Groove Collection Black
Solarity – Codename Crimson (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Mango Alley
Autophase – White (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Adjust
Luke Porter & Cid Inc – Oulu (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Epsilon Trax
Balcazar – Stuck On The Red Clue (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Maktub
MI&M – One Night Of Fake Luv (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Groovecollection
Moonbeam – Nature (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Proton Music
Anime Volanti – Stella (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Epsilon Trax
Tony Blunt – Entre 2 Mundos (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Epsilon Trax
Diyo – Not Yet (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Dyami
The Quasar – Magnetic Needle (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Foundation
Beauty & the Beat – Sexy Beast (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Tribal Vision
PQM – Love Of The Hour (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Abducted
Matthew Dekay – If I Could Fly (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Deep
David West & Inkfish – Hello Piano (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Tolerant
Arara – We’ve Got The Pope (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Epsilon Trax
Lukasewich – Solu (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Dumber
Qbical – Generate Modulate (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Manual Music
Somnus Corp – Spacer (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Discoteca Music
Apologist – Violator (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Proton Music
Blinky – Kiss Not A Kiss (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Epsilon Trax
Ricky Ryan – Abracadabraham (Kosmas Epsilon mix) – Aenaria Tribal