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Francesco Pico’s name is often heard in the dance scene. He released and remixed numerous tracks for labels such as Global Underground, AudioTherapy, Urbantorque, Extrema, Outside The Box, Manual Music, Proton and his own label Magnitude Recordings. His tracks are played by Sasha, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Jimmy v M, Laurent Garnier, just to name a few.

As a dj, he worked throughout the country and is still regularly booked to play in clubs all over Holland and other countries. Francesco can be heard frequently on Proton Radio, Fresh FM and many other stations on the web.

“Francesco Pico has always been fascinated by music with a story. The feeling at the end is determined by the beginning and the further structure of his music set. Separate sounds on themselves may sound insignificant, but put together in the right order they become so meaningful, it is capable of releasing your deepest emotions. A feeling that simply cannot be described. Just be patient and you will be rewarded. That’s the beauty of his music.
This is exactly why it is hard to talk about a certain Francesco Pico style. Everything goes as long as that certain emotional feeling is achieved. Francesco has a very recognisable groove and vibe, and he also has the ability to let the music roam freely, always trying to tell his story. In the end, Francesco is always capable of creating a anceable vibe. Place and setting are always a fact a deejay should be aware of. Francesco knows like no other how to adapt to these circumstances, and is continuously working hard to adjust his groove and style in order to give the crowd his distinctive thrilling and stimulating mix”.

Francesco has been working in the dance scene since 1991. Before that, music has always been a significant part of his life. He already managed to make a name by releasing quite a lot of his own productions. He has also remixed numerous productions, so it is fair to say his work is quite impressive. His productions and remixes have been released by labels like: Global Underground, Audio Therapy (Dave Seaman), Urbantorque, Outside The Box (Eelke Kleijn) , Proton Music, Manual music, Extrema music, Odori (Swag), Briquerouge, Good:as, Onestar (Erick E) and his own label: Magnitude Recordings. His releases were admitted in the play list of many famous deejays, and reviews in several magazines were very positive on his work.

In 2007, Francesco launched his very first artist album “Imagining Sounds”. Its first single “All by yourself” was a huge success. His biggest supporter of this track was dj Sasha. The world-renowned dj used “All by yourself” in his Essential mix, which was broadcasted in August from Ibiza’s “Amnesia”. The track has also been used as closing track on Jimmy van M’s “Balance 10.1” album. But all this is not yet enough for Francesco. He still produces a lot and has been picked up by the world famous British label “Global Underground”. A few tracks have been released on albums like GU:MIXED2, 5YGU, Afterhours IBIZA II and Electric Calm 4 but also as EP on the GU:Music label. He also made a few remixes for Global Underground of tracks by Alex Dolby, The Remote and Eelke Kleijn.

In June 2009 Francesco’s second album “Imagining sounds part 2” has been released on Eelke Kleijn’s Outside the Box imprint. It again got huge support by great names like Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. Also part 2 recieved some very good reviews: “With Imagining Sounds 2, Francesco Pico delivers a praiseworthy second album that can easily take on the competition with releases from the biggest names in the field of proggy music. The sequencing is brilliant, the sounds are crisp and clear, and the entire album oozes with atmosphere. Recommended!” [365mag]. In 2010 Francesco started with a lot of releases and remixes and he is now working on his 3rd Album which will be released on Manual Music in 2011..


Graephic joy – Fayline [Waves records] 1996
Francesco Pico – Cluby D – [Startraxx records] 1996
Graephic joy – Summertimes e.p. [Subwaves] 1996
Xponent -12 – Subtle [Butterfly recordings] 1997
Francesco Pico – We call m dj [Startraxx records] 1998
Francesco Pico – Why dont you listen [Startraxx records] 1998
Francesco Pico – Magnitude prefic pt 1 [Onestar Recordings] 2000
Xponent -12 – Of delicate built [Onestar Science] 2000
Francesco Pico – Magnitude prefic pt 2 [Onestar Recordings] 2001
Francesco Pico – Magnitude prefic pt 3 [Onestrar Recordings] 2001
Francesco Pico – Magnitude reworks (Dave Angel & Trevor Rockliffe remixes)[Good:as] 2001
Francesco Pico & Matthew Dekay – The Grid [Onestar Recordings] 2002
Francesco Pico – Masked Sounds E.P. [Urbantorque] 2004
Francesco Pico – Rock da House [Magnitude Recordings] 2005
Stuccato Fusion – We went to Pluto by bus [Magnitude Recordings] 2005
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – This is da funk [Odori] 2005
Francesco Pico – First Count [Triple AAA] 2006
Francesco Pico & Paul Hazendonk – Status mode [Killbrique] KBR05 2006
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Minitrac [Digitude] 2007
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – A robot for my King [Magnitude] 2007
Francesco Pico – All by yourself [Hotkitchen records] 2007
Francesco Pico – Holy Grail [Extrema Music] 2007
Francesco Pico – Imagining Sounds (album) [Extrema music] 2007
Francesco Pico & Paul Hazendonk – Wheelerdealer [Punch Funk] 2007
Francesco Pico – It was late and only 500k [Global Underground] 2008
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Snackbar EP [Spinifex] 2008
Francesco Pico – 12 inch of what? [Global Underground] 2008
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – The Thrill Will Be Later [Outside the Box] 2009
Francesco Pico & Eelke Kleijn – On The Fly [68Recordings] 2009
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Big Bird EP [Magnitude Recordings] 2009
Francesco Pico – Madness Recall [Baroque] 2009
Francesco Pico – Imagining Sounds 2 (album) [Outside the Box Music] 2009
Francesco Pico – Imagining Sounds 2 Remixed 1 [Outside the Box Music] 2009
Francesco Pico – Imagining Sounds 2 Remixed 2 [Outside the Box Music] 2009
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Cut The Bullshit [Ready Mix Records] 2010
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – We’re Half Way There [Magnitude Recordings] 2010
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Only If She’s The Last On Earth [Magnitude Recordings] 2010
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Don’t Spam Me [Baroque Records] 2010
Francesco Pico – Imagining Sounds 2 Remixed 3 [Outside the Box Music] 2010
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Liquid Drumheads [Sounds Of Earth] 2010
Francesco Pico – The Confusion Grows [Manual Music] 2010
Francesco Pico – Attention Disorder [Magnitude Recordings] 2010
Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire – Dualism [Outside the Box Music] 2011

Remixes and Projects:
Instigators – Cubic symphony [Waves records] 1996 wr-004
Gravity Zone – Dance to the beat [Startraxxrecords] 1997 ST-006
Slick Sluts – Go Ahead London [Startraxxrecords] 1998 ST-009
Paul Hazendonk – Chicken Run [Technique] 2005
Superwow – Leave my pants [Basic Beat] 2005
Conrado Martinez & Frank Rempe – Capicu [Basic Beat] 2005
Roell Sapphire – Stuck in the middle [Magnitude Recordings] MGN003 2006
Paul Hazendonk – Califas [Technique] TECH 011 2006
Paul Hazendonk – Last Minutes [Technique] TECH 012 2006
Metroline – E Z On the reverb (Paul Hazendonk mix) [Work Hard Play Hard] 2006
Hans Wolters – Break it down (Paul Hazendonk mix) [Technique] TECH012 2006
Tim J – Understand me (Francesco Pico mix) [Smoke Records] SMR007 2006
Penoze Inc. – Toxico (Francesco Pico mix) [Magnitude Digital] 2007
Tim J & Jeff Bounce – Monkeylover (Francesco Pico mix) [Looptitude Recordings] 2007
The Remote – Pretty girls make mothers (Francesco Pico mix) [Global Underground] 2007
Philogresz – Hard to Swallow (Francesco Pico mix) [Manual Music] 2007
AMB – Seka (Francesco Pico Medolic mix) [Audio Therapy] 2007
Alex Dolby – USHAIA [Global Underground] 2008
Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn – Fat Dragon [Outside the box music] 2008
Mr Belk – Something to Talk about [Team Records] 2008
Camiel & Fono – Love you [Magnitude Recordings] 2008
Pole Folder – Radio101 [Proton] 2008
C-jay – Moshi (Francesco Pico mix) [The Sessions Recordings] 2008
Estroe – Further Truth (Francesco Pico mix) [Earth Audio] 2008
Craig McWhinney – Devil May Care (Francesco Pico mix) [Nightshade Music] 2008
Camiel Daamen – For Fleur (Francesco Pico mix) [Magnitude Recordings] 2008
Glide – Trapeze (Francesco Pico Mix) [Pangea Recordings] 2009
Matt Rowan & Robbie Lowe – Ground Swell (Francesco Pico mix) [Proton] 2009
Devoice – Splattery Mass (Francesco Pico remix) [Kompressor] 2009
Tonecast – Arested before sunrise (Francesco Pico mix) [Secret Village] 2009
Eelke Kleijn & Nick Hogendoorn – Luigi’s Mushroom [Global Undergrounrd] 2009
Paronator – Believe 2009 (Francesco Pico Remix) [Apollo] 2009
Phasebase – Heavy Machinery (Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire Feestbeest Remix) [LuPS Records] 2010
Santiago Garcia – Cisne feat Damien D (Francesco Pico Remix) [Balkan Connection] 2010
KI. MI. Morning Breakfast (Francesco Pico Remix) [Particles] 2010
Arjuna Schiks – Zircon (Francesco Pico Mix) [Manual Music] 2010
Ferreck Dawn – Walking On Clouds (Francesco Pico Remix) [Magnitude Recordings] 2010
Apologist – Violator (Francesco Pico Remix) [Balkan Connection] 2010
Camiel Daamen – Make It Happen (Francesco Pico Remix) [Outside the Box Music] 2010
Schodt – Cinematico (Francesco Pico Remix) [Particles] 2011