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Paul Hazendonk was born in the suburbs of Rotterdam in 1982. As a young kid he already developed an excessive interest for music, quickly discovering house music and noticing the deejays who were mixing records together. He found his passion..

He got his first club gig at age 18 and after that it all seemed like one big rollercoaster ride. In the first years of his carreer he already played at some of Holland’s most infamous clubs, parties and festivals. Shortly after, his talents also got noticed abroad, taking him to over 20 different countries to perform throughout the years.

Paul started his first label, Technique, back in 2002 whilst working at the legendary record company and store Basic Beat which was located in the heart of Rotterdam. Nowdays both Technique and Basic Beat are defunkt but Paul is more active than ever in the record business, being the owner of the Manual Music company. Manual Music releases music on various (sub)labels, takes care of artist management, digital distribution and music publishing.

Having always been a DJ first and a producer second, it took some time before Paul got busy in the studio, but in the last couple of years his name as a producer is getting more and more known globally, after having signed to respected labels such as Hope Recordings, Diynamic Music, Sleaze Records, Einmusika, Sudbeat, Proton Music, Lowbit Records + naturally his own label Manual Music.

Both his DJ and production style has evolved throughout the years from full on techno to a more mature sound, music with an infectious drive, blending elements of (deep)house, techhouse and techno, depending on time and place of performance.. But who cares for all those genre tags anyway,right?

Selected Discography

Paul Hazendonk – The Long Journey [Proton Music]
Paul Hazendonk – Nijna [Groovecollection]
Paul Hazendonk – Turning Thirty [Manual Music]
Paul Hazendonk – My Addiction [Proton Music]
Tundra & Hazendonk – De Schaetsbaen Van Vleuten [Witty Tunes]
Tundra & Hazendonk – Emergency Poncho [Sleaze Records]
Paul Hazendonk – Sweet Torture [Stolen Moments]
Taras van de Voorde & Paul Hazendonk – Pure Natural Ingredients [Manual Music]
Qbical & Paul Hazendonk – A Thing We Like To Dub Concept [Manual Music]
Francesco Pico & Paul Hazendonk – Status Mode [Kill Brique / Brique Rouge]
+ numerous Furrr & Hazendonk releases on labels such as Diynamic, Einmusika, Little Mountain, Witty Tunes, Melomane, Neurotraxx, Dirty Soul etc.

Rich Curtis – Open Other End [Sudbeat]
Francesco Pico – Klaas Vaag [Manual Music]
Geike – Smile [bootleg]
Loacs Erepams – I Can’t Figure It Out [Proton Music]
Kres feat. Naive – Song For An Hour [Cinematique]
Giorgos Gatzigristos – Flush [Outside The Box]
Miguel Colmenares – Into Something [Melomane]
Petter – Robotfood [Manual Music]
Sinisa Tamamovic – Hollow Passage [Shodowfax]
Jesse Somfay – Cygnus Wreath (Room 531) [Manual Music]
+ remixes for the likes of Qbical, Ferreck Dawn, Jeff Bennett, Elad Emek, Jawoo, PrinsJan and many others

mix compilations
Sound Shifting: Versatility (2011) [Manual Music]
Sound Shifting 2.0 (2009) [Manual Music]
Sound Shifting (2006) [Manual Music]
TASTE (2cd with DJ Misjah) (2004) [Technique]
MAW presents: Technique (2002) [Technique]