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SUMMER’s name has become synonymous with techno culture in the U.S., and his sound has come to define the depth and soul of the genre in the country. Producing for 4 years and DJing for 10, Summer has quickly infiltrated the electronic music scene as a talented and unique producer. Embracing a sound he describes as “Hypnotic Techno”, he has developed a club culture following and respect of his professional peers.

His music productions began in 2006, and over the past five years, Summer has crafted a driving, deep and melodic sound all his own. Standing out above the average house/techno sound, his driving force inspires consistent peak-night plays. Summer’s upcoming collaboration “The Bomberang” with producer T.Lectual was charted by Hernan Cattaneo in July 2010.

His tracks are also being spun by heavyweights around the world. This list includes Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Marc Marzenit, Nick Warren, Erphun, Jamie Stevens (of Infusion), John Selway, 16 Bit Lolitas, Markus Schulz, Cid Inc, Manuel Sofia, Sander Kleinenberg, Silinder, Dosem, Matt Darey, Miss Nine, Patrick Kunkel, Dimitri Nakov, Luke Porter, Chloe Harris, Kasey Taylor, Luis Junior, Liz Cirelli, Abyss, Djuma Soundsystem, Moshic, Emma, Darin Epsilon, Omid 16B, Mike Hiratzka, Wade Bennet, Christian Cambas, Randall Jones, dPen, Nick Stoynoff, and many, many more.

Recently Summer has started his own imprint Tulipa Recordings. Upcoming releases feature a variety of established producers as well as new artists. Artists include Jeff Bennett, Liz Cirelli, Silinder, Deepfunk, Chloe Harris, Nico Stojan, Alex and Filip, Morris Cowan, T-Lectual, and many more.


Attemporal – Egocentrism – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Regular
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Sugar Glider – Tulipa Recordings
Luke Mandala – Guiding Spirit – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Activated Recordings
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Torpor EP – Regular
T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) – Botanical – Baroque
Ucleden – Far Away – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Whose Haus
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Nutriatastic – Tulipa Recordings
Jairus Miller – Tranquil – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Tulipa Recordings
Kernel Key – Pucci – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Flappers Records
Veya – Ribbed – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Tulipa Recordings
T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) – The Bomberang – Mirabilis Records
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Bluehumors EP – Tulipa Recordings
Andy Newland & Oscitone – Luminescence – T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) Naplam Remix – Mirabilis Records
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Campington EP – Redflux Cinnabar
Simao Ferreira – Wavelength – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Redflux Cinnabar
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Nearly Wolves – One For All Records
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Trees Are Watching EP – Solar Cathedral Recordings


Summer (Brendon Collins) – Phantom / Red Giant – Silence Through Music
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Viridian Rainfall – Eevonext
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Dark Lady – Redflux Cinnabar
Autim – Weaving Dreams – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Sounds Of Juan
Duca – May Day – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Indigo
Projekt Inertia – Dirty City – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – Stripped Digital
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Waterspout – Stripped Digital
T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) – Untitled 01
T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) – Untitled 02
Meatmatching – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix – High-Jack Records


Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Teleport – T-Lectual & Summer (Brendon Collins) Northern Lights Remix
Guy J – Azimuth – Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix
Summer (Brendon Collins) – Granola